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It is a common and professional question of choosing the right grinding wheel for tools manufacturer. Fortunately, we would like to recommend the proper grinding wheels and grinding solution to our customers.


Case 1——Machining PCBN Chamfers with Ceramic Diamond Grinding Wheels

What is the edge treatment of PCBN blade?
The cutting edge of the tool refers to the junction of the rake and flank surfaces of the insert where the workpiece material separates to form chips and machined surfaces.
Tool edge treatment is to improve the quality of the tool and increase the service life of the tool by chamfering, passivating, flattening and polishing the edge after the blade is finely ground.


Why edge treatment?
After the PCBN blade is sharpened by the diamond grinding wheel, the cutting edge often has a certain degree of microscopic gaps, such as micro chipping, sawing, etc. During the cutting process, the microscopic notch on the cutting edge of the tool is easy to expand, which will accelerate the wear and damage of the tool. In order to eliminate the microscopic defects of the edge during processing, edge treatment is required.
After the edge treatment of the PCBN blade, the blade edge can be strengthened, and the wear resistance of the tool can also be improved, thereby prolonging the tool life.


More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. can provide ceramic and resin diamond grinding wheels for grinding PCBN chamfers.
In this case, the customer chooses a ceramic diamond grinding wheel for grinding PCBN chamfers. Below is the drawing provided by the customer.

Grinding wheel drawings


On this basis, we have improved the drawings and customized grinding wheels for customers, making the design more in line with the production and use requirements.


Custom Grinding Wheel Drawings


In addition to customization, we also provide standard 6A2 resin diamond grinding wheels for the grinding of PCBN chamfers, and the coarse grinding grit W35 has also received very good feedback from customers in practical applications.


6A2 Resin Diamond Wheel

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