CBN inserts help process high chromium cast iron materials: customer case sharing

25 January 2024
High chromium cast iron, as an anti-wear material with excellent performance, is widely used in various fields. However, its high hardness and difficult-to-machine characteristics bring a series of challenges to the processing process.
This article highlights the successful experience of using MoresuperHard CBN inserts in high-chromium cast iron processing by sharing the case of an Indian customer.
MoreSuperHard professional technology and high-quality CBN tools solve problems that arise during processing for customers, improving processing efficiency and workpiece surface quality.
High chromium cast iron has become one of the main wear-resistant materials due to its high hardness, high strength, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in mining, cement, electric power, road construction machinery, refractory materials, and other fields.
However, the machining process of high-hardness materials faces many challenges, especially for large high-chromium cast iron parts, where casting defects increase the risk of tool wear and chipping.


high chromium cast iron


Processing Difficulties
During the processing of high-hardness materials, customers encountered the following problems:
1. Rapid tool wear: Traditional tools wear quickly on high-hardness materials, especially large workpieces, resulting in frequent blade replacement and affecting the surface quality of the workpiece.
2. Casting defects cause tool breakage: High-chromium iron castings are often accompanied by margins and casting defects. Traditional tools are prone to breakage when encountering these defects, increasing tool costs.
The customer used ceramic blades before but encountered the problem of tip wear and cracking during processing.
Ceramic inserts are prone to surface chipping damage when cutting high-hardness materials, especially tool chipping due to high cutting resistance. In addition, the lack of sharpness of the cutter head also occurs due to the increase in the temperature of the cutter head.
MoreSuperHard engineers proposed a solution using CBN inserts based on customer problems. Compared with ceramic blades, MoreSuperHard's cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts have significant advantages in surface processing of high-hardness materials. Features include:
- High boron nitride content: up to 90%, providing excellent hardness.
- Impact toughness: It is not easy to collapse when encountering casting defects such as sand inclusions and pores.
- Professional customization: Provide professional CBN tools for the processing of high-chromium cast iron and other materials.


cbn inserts


Results and Benefits
After using MoreSuperHard CBN inserts, customers have achieved remarkable results:
1. Improve surface quality: CBN inserts effectively reduce tool wear and ensure high quality of the workpiece surface.
2. Reduce tool costs: CBN inserts have strong impact resistance and toughness, and are not easy to collapse when encountering casting defects, reducing the cost of frequent blade replacement.
3. Improve processing efficiency: The performance of professional CBN tools on high-hardness materials makes processing more efficient.
MoreSuperHard CBN inserts successfully help customers solve problems in high-chromium cast iron processing and provide them with efficient and economical cutting solutions. 
When machining hard materials, choosing the right tool is crucial. Starting from customer needs, MoreSuperHard provides customized tool solutions, providing strong support for the smooth progress of customer production.
cbn tools
If you are facing similar processing problems, welcome to learn more about CBN inserts. MoreSuperHard will customize the most suitable tool for you. Solutions to help you achieve greater success in processing high-hardness materials.
Contact our professional engineers, MoreSuperHard looks forward to providing more assistance for your production.


---EDITOR: Erin Zhang/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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