Excellent CBN Tools for the Steel Roll Industry

12 May 2024
With the development of the global economy and the advancement of industrialization, the demand for steel products continues to grow.
Steel products such as steel plates, steel pipes, etc. are indispensable materials in modern industry and are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, and other fields. At the same time, the steel industry is one of the main application areas of roll processing.
In the steel production process, raw materials need to undergo multiple processes such as continuous rolling, heating, and cooling through rollers, and finally form steel products of various specifications and shapes.
The steel industry continues to introduce new production processes and equipment in order to improve steel quality and production efficiency; this also provides a broad development space for the roll processing market.
Steel Roll
As a tool manufacturer, Moresuperhard also continuously develops new roller tools to solve and improve customers' requirements for cutting efficiency and processing accuracy. They are interlocking and complementary to each other, supporting the development of the industrialization process.


The difficulties that exist when processing rolls are:
▶The rollers are heavy in mass, large in size, long in cutting time, and low in processing efficiency.
Rolls that need to be turned are generally large in size and heavy in mass. Compared with ordinary cutting, there are problems such as large cutting depth, low cutting speed, and slow feed speed, which affect the processing efficiency and cause tool wear and rework;
▶The roller has high hardness and is difficult to cut.
In order to improve the hardness, wear resistance, and thermal strength of the roll and prevent cracks in the roll, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, and other elements are added during the production process of the roll, and these elements will form an alloy layer on the surface of the roll. This increases the difficulty of cutting the roll.
▶It is difficult to avoid defects during processing and the processing conditions are complex.
Some rolls that need to be turned have defects such as sand inclusions and pores, and the processing conditions are complex, resulting in tool collapse, poor wear resistance, and poor impact resistance.
In response to the above difficult processing problems, Moresuperhard summarized the existing cases of using cubic boron nitride tools to process brittle hard materials and difficult-to-cut materials (involving customers in Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Arabia, etc.), and focused on cubic boron nitride tool processing In the field of rolls, the following complete sets of product options are provided (roller grooves are diversified, and different tools are used for different roll grooves. For example, ordinary round grooves can be processed by choosing a standard CBN blade, but if it is other irregular shapes, Moresuperhard supports customized non-standard tools) and solutions (contact us and we will provide specific processing suggestions for your actual processing).
Workpiece material: chilled cast iron, high nickel-chromium alloy cast iron, alloy cast iron, high-speed steel roll, tungsten carbide roll;
Processing methods: rough machining, semi-finishing, finishing;
Matching tool holders for CBN blades: CRDNN, CRDCN;
CBN roller knife: You can provide specific dimensions or drawings
Of course, in addition to CBN blades, Moresuperhard’s carbide roller cutters are also the choice of many customers:
A facial shape:
CBN inserts
With stepped type:
CBN inserts
Double step type:
CBN inserts
The hardness of CBN cutting tools is much higher than that of carbide cutting tools and ceramic cutting tools, and it also has good wear resistance and impact resistance.
Through strict control and continuous optimization and improvement of CBN micro-powder size, binder, CBN content, etc., Moresuperhard has produced CBN tools that can effectively solve the problems in the roll processing process, taking into account both wear resistance and impact resistance.
Moresuperhard's CBN tools stand out among many tool brands and are very popular due to their longer life and higher processing efficiency. It is capable of handling harsh working conditions such as high hardness, large depth of cut, and strong interruptions, and can achieve efficient roll processing for customers in different countries.
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