Single Crystal Diamond Tool: Multifunctional Cutting Tool

02 June 2024
Single-crystal diamond tools are the epitome of precision in the ultra-precision machining field. Utilizing single crystal diamonds as the cutting material, these tools are recognized for their superior performance in achieving mirror finishes, exceptional workpiece precision, and extremely low surface roughness. With a mass typically exceeding 0.1g and a minimum diameter of no less than 2mm, single-crystal diamond tools are the ideal choice for high-precision applications.
Single Crystal Diamond Tools
Performance Advantages of Single Crystal Diamond Tools
1. Exceptional Hardness: Single crystal diamonds have the highest hardness among known materials, reaching 10,000 HV. This enables the tools to cut and grind high-hardness materials effectively.
2. Wear Resistance: The cutting edge of single crystal diamond tools exhibits excellent wear resistance. These tools are resistant to sticking and built-up edge formation during cutting, maintaining tool life and stable performance under high-speed cutting and heavy loads. They excel in ultra-thin cutting and ultra-precision processing.
3. Low Friction Coefficient: With a low friction coefficient and minimal deformation during processing, single-crystal diamond tools reduce cutting forces.
4. Defect-Free Blades: Observed under an 800x Nomarski microscope, the blade edge is defect-free. When processing non-ferrous metals, the surface roughness can reach Rz0.1~0.05μm, and the shape accuracy of the workpiece is controlled below 50nm.
5. Longevity: Single crystal diamond tools, made from ultra-hard and carefully selected particles, boast a service life that is 100 times, or even hundreds of times, that of cemented carbide tools.
Types of Single Crystal Diamond Tools
Single crystal diamond tools can be categorized based on their structure:
- Turning Tools: Used with single-point diamond lathes or other precision lathes.
- Milling Cutters and Chamfering Cutters: Often equipped with CNC milling machines or machining centers.
- Contour Cutters and Grooving Cutters.
Applications Across Industries
Single crystal diamond tools find applications across various industries, including:
1. Optical Industry: Optical lenses, (non-)spherical lenses, optical glass, optical molds, and reflectors.
2. Printing Industry: Roller molds.
3. Automobile Industry: Night driving optical systems, projection lamps, aluminum alloy wheels.
4. 3C Industry: Mobile phone outer mirrors, computer hard disk substrates.
5. Electronic Appliances: Computer hard disk substrates.
6. National Defense and Aerospace: Missile navigation gyroscopes.
7. New Materials: Ceramics, engineering plastics.
8. Jewelry.
9. Medical Devices: Contact lenses, accelerator electron guns.
Application of Single Crystal Diamond Tools in Optical Molds
In the optical lens processing field, ensuring the molds of concave and convex lenses and Fresnel lenses have an ideal curvature radius and high reproducibility and stability is crucial. 
MoreSuperhard recommends using a mold-turning tooltip with a minimum angle of 15°, a tip arc of 500nm, and waviness of 10nm. Even with a large arc, the waviness can be controlled below 100nm. For parabolic tools, waviness can reach 100nm, and curvature radius error can reach 200nm. Under high-power microscopes, the cutting edge appears smooth and defect-free, with a finish of 2nm for both front and rear blades.
Application of Single Crystal Diamond Tools in Large Roller Optoelectronic Molds
The printing press roller, a core component of printing machinery, requires high surface finish and geometric accuracy to ensure the quality of printed products. Errors can result in blurry or distorted images on double-sided printed products. 
Therefore, molds for manufacturing the printing press roller demand extremely high standards. For processing roller optical molds, a large roller optical mold ultra-precision processing machine tool is used along with MoreSuperhard single-crystal diamond tools. This setup ensures the surface roughness of the roller is less than 10 nanometers, guaranteeing high processing efficiency and yield rate.
In summary, single crystal diamond tools offer unparalleled advantages in ultra-precision machining, with applications spanning multiple high-tech industries. 
Their exceptional hardness, wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and defect-free blades make them indispensable for achieving superior quality and precision in manufacturing processes.
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