Customer Case-Single Crystal Cutting Tools-Processing Navigation Gyroscope-Crystalline Glass

21 November 2023
A customer asked us about some ultra-precision single crystal cutting tools.
The customer needs single crystal tools with arcs of 1mm and 2mm respectively to process navigation gyroscopes.
The requirement is that the waviness of the single crystal knife reaches 40nm or 50nm, and the maximum acceptable is 80nm.
According to the waviness required by the customer, which is 40nm-50nm, we can guess that it may be used to process cutting tools in the optical industry. It is initially understood that the parts that the customer needs to process are certain parts of the navigation gyroscope. After inquiry, I learned that the material that needs to be processed is a material called glass ceramics, and it is generally used in laser gyroscopes.
In modern technology, laser gyroscope glass-ceramic plays an important role in manufacturing aerospace and military equipment because it has some special physical and chemical properties.
Aerospace engineers are attracted to glass-ceramic because it is as light as aluminum and does not deform at high temperatures. They use crystallized glass to make nozzles for jet engines and as structural materials for rockets, satellites, and space shuttles.
Laser gyroscope glass-ceramic is an amorphous material with a very low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent optical properties, and high impact resistance. This makes it one of the ideal materials for manufacturing high-precision laser gyroscopes.
A laser gyroscope is a precision instrument that measures angles of rotation, and its accuracy is critical for aerospace and military applications. The use of laser gyroscope glass-ceramics can produce high-precision and high-stability gyroscopes, allowing equipment such as aircraft and missiles to achieve higher accuracy and reliability.
Currently, the MoreSuperHard production department is trying to produce ultra-precision single-crystal diamond tools that meet customer requirements. MoreSuperHard will try its best to help every customer get a more suitable processing solution.
Choose More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd., we will always be by your side to help you meet and overcome any metal-cutting challenge you encounter!
---EDITOR: Erin Zhang/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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